Hi, I’m Jeremy

Well, it is time to start blogging again. For me, it has been awhile. I first started blogging way back in 2005 on the Blogger platform, migrated to hosting it myself, bounced back to Blogger and then took a longer break. Blogging for me stopped when I transitioned from a direct technical job and went into a management role. I guess I thought there was nothing more to share that would be of interest in the broader technical community. Now, I think I was wrong as there is so much more to who we are than our technical contributions.

Podcast Series

While blogging for me seems to come in fits and starts, my new passion is podcasting. My first series is focused on interviewing people I know, or have been introduced to, within the IT community where I learn their background, why and how the go into IT, what would they change, and what do they see coming in the future. I really want people to know that there are many paths to a career in IT.

Future topics…

There is so much to talk about, but the most interesting aspect is that for this blog I have a partner in crime…. my daughter. She is an amazing sixteen year old who is in an IT program at her high school and excited about coding. This will give us both a chance to address a topic that I believe is critically important – how do we mentor the next generation? The both of us will examine the challenges of how our generations talk, react, feel, and express ourselves. I can’t wait to see where the conversation takes us and I look forward to how that information can be used by others.

Technology is still an important aspect of who I am and there will definitely be a number of posts related to Office 365, especially the version in the Government Community Cloud. People who know me already know that I work in the public sector. I want to use this platform, to bring awareness to challenges in the government space, but also ways to overcome those challenges in unique and interesting ways.

And there will be POWERAPPS! I cannot express how excited this makes me feel, even as someone who has a software engineering background. The ability to empower staff to make lightweight low, or no, code solutions is really amazing and reminds me of the days when Microsoft Access and FrontPage reigned supreme. This has the potential to change the office landscape and empower those who most understand a problem to experiment with solutions. This is not to say us technologists can’t help, but I think our role can be more around enabling, data structures, workflow, and user experience design.

Guest bloggers.

From time to time, I plan to have some guest bloggers, one of which is my daughter Isabel. You never know who might drop by!

Thank you.

Finally, thank you to everyone who drops by to see what we have to say, engage with us, provides feedback, and encourages us to be more transparent. I continue to be overwhelmed and humbled with the awesome communities I participate in.

Other Links for Me

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Speaking Events

#ShiftHappens Week Online – How to Drive Sustainable Microsoft Teams Adoption in US Public Sector… – YouTube

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