A Really Darn Good Paragraph

Hello! At the moment I am working on a school project that I would love to write more in depth about once I get more information. The project is about the safety of giving your personal information online. I was set with the task of picking a universal truth that relates to my picked topic. I was really proud of how my writing turned out so I decided to make it a blog post. So here it is:

“Security is an illusion, but it is a pleasant one” – James Rozoff

James Rozoff’s quote is a universal truth because while we are happily secure, our own actions make us insecure. This affects people’s lives due to people’s blissful ignorance on the information they choose to put online.  While in my own life, I strive to keep my privacy, it becomes tedious because of all the amazing opportunities that come with the cost of giving away personal information. Relating this truth to the safety of giving one’s personal information online is quite easy. Society likes to ignore the fact that they are selling their souls away to big corporations because that is easier than not using the internet at all. When you ask someone if they have privacy, they will proudly say yes, but in fact there are so many ways to gather one’s information without thinking twice. Going into a store can be a minefield of opportunities to giving away bits of yourself. You can give away your name, birthday, email, and hobbies just by saying yes to one sale. While this is exactly what you are told not to do growing up, you do it anyway because of the belief that the next person to be hacked won’t be you. People believe that as long as there is a password, it is impenetrable This is mainly their own foolishness talking of course.

I hope that enjoyed my paragraph. Thank you for reading! Here is a cat picture:

This is Megan. She is quite bossy and loud at times. Like any other cat, she only wants attention on her time and if you miss that too bad. As I continue to post you will see more her and her sister. Bye!

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