Planning for cross-agency collaboration in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Government DC User Group – August 2020

Every agency and organization does it, every day— collaboration outside your organization. Microsoft 365 can solve a long-standing problem—how to securely share information and content with partners, customers, and guests outside your organization with maximum productivity and minimum risk. But the mere mention of “guest access” and external sharing has many audit and regulatory teams reaching for the “off” switch and leaving it there. Especially in the Government Community Cloud environments of Microsoft 365 (GCC, GCC High and DoD), management of external sharing and the risk it can introduce are not so easily understood or implemented. The current variances in features between GCC and the higher level GCC High and GCC DoD can seem even more complicated. We will review the layers of management controls—and the roles that should be managing them—to help you formalize your guest access strategy for Microsoft 365 now, and for the future.

Presentation by John Peluso, the CTO for AvePoint Public Sector and a Microsoft Regional Director who is passionate about enabling collaboration.

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Recording replay on YouTube –

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