Father, Mentor, Technology Enthusiast, Podcaster?

When COVID struck and I found myself homebound, I realized I needed something to change up my days. I had a lot of interesting ideas, you know, like basket weaving, cross stitch, needle point, but none of those really resonated with me and still contributed to a feeling of isolation. The idea I settled on was starting a podcast.

You might be saying, YES, get the YouTube money train rolling, but the thing is, I am not doing it for money, I am not even monetizing the podcast. Would that be an extra bonus, sure, but I am doing this for one reason – I love people and I want to share their stories with everyone else I know.

Earlier this year, as I have mentioned previously, my daughter and I got involved in the tech community speaking circuit. In that arena, I have met some amazing people who are phenomenal presenters and really know their stuff. Another community I participate in is ACT-IAC (I will do a post on this soon), which focuses on industry and government partnering to solve tough problems in the public sector space. The last community I am involved in are those I know from my career in government. All these people have amazing stories about where they are from and how they ended up in the IT world.

That is the focus of my podcast. I will be posting here about each of the people I interview, to include links to their interview on YouTube and several podcast platforms.

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