The Geek Within – Episode 31: Ron Thompson

I met Ron when I attended the ACT-IAC Partners leadership development program in 2018 as he was the government chair. At the time he was the CIO for one of the Department of Agriculture sub-agencies, which immediately attracted my attention since I had worked for two different USDA sub-agencies in my career. Ron is engaging, outspoken, and cares a great deal about the people around him. Since 2018, I have worked with Ron on a number of volunteer committees at ACT-IAC and it is alway good to reconnect and catchup, as well as move some really great programs forward. You will see in the interview how excited he is for the mission at NASA and for the role of Chief Data Officer.

Episode 31 on YouTube

You can engage Ron here:
Ron Thompson | LinkedIn

List of previous episodes in the Interview Series.

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